Monday, October 29, 2012

Slinky Vs. Sandy

Epic Slinky Dog's Life of Leisure - Viva Las Vegas


Check out Epic Slinky Dog's latest adventure on YouTube, courtesy of the talented and beautiful (inside and out) Kimberly Robertson.  She made my hurricane-infested day bright and shiny with this video! 

Slinky Does Vegas (Click on the link to YouTube!)

BFF and I had been at the supermarket long enough to choose tiramisu, a pomegranate, and a bag of crackers, about an hour.  We’re on vacation, you see.  Vegas it is not, we’re simply having a girl’s weekend.  Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary.  Since I married my Tarzan during archery season, my BFF spends that day with me most every year.  The packed store didn’t seem unusual, it’s Sunday night.  It hit me about the time I plunked fruit, candy, and magazines onto the conveyor belt. Something is going on.  I may be blonde, preoccupied, and near-sighted, but eventually the obvious drifts into The Glitter Globe.  Most carts contained batteries and bottled water.  “It’s the storm of the century,” said the Cashier, “The worst one in thirty years!” 
Between frantic bouts of Wii Dance 4 (I won) we filled containers with water, wrote down the instructions for hooking up the generator, taste tested the tiramisu, and dug out flashlights and candles.  Tonight we’re staying up all night and enjoying our last bit of electricity for a few days.  Morning will find us battening down the hatches and riding out the storm. 

The Plan is to Remember the Epic Slinky Dog Motto

And that eventually we'll have hot water and electricity again.  So even if we wind up, up a tree for a time...



As long as we can climb up it, and back down it again…

That’s really all that matters. 
How about sharing your storm stories with me?  They don't have to be Hurricane Sandy stories. Just leave the story below, and be sure to follow my blog if you don't already.  I'll share an Epic Slinky Dog with one or two of you.  Eventually, when my electricity returns and I can read them, and get Slinky out of the tree (or Vegas), and get to the Post Office.  In the meantime, stay safe and dry! 
*Note how I get to use a ladder when I climb the tree. 
Uncredited photos are courtesy of Stephanie Karfelt and her obsessive camera usage. 




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  2. I may or may not have just tried to comment under my Boss' google account...

    Be safe!
    We had a tornado come through Billings two years ago, and that is not a common thing in Montana. I think the last one might have been 40 years before that?

    It destroyed our major arena and several homes. Of course, this is Montana and we ain't no sissies, so we have plenty of videos on youtube of people who should have been running, but were busy capturing the majesty of that storm.

    I stood outside and watched the forming funnel twist over our house as torrential rain fell. I kept thinking "Huh, that looks like a funnel cloud". Fifteen minutes later the Metra is destroyed. Pretty cool. I'm pretty sure no one got hurt. We have good (if hardly used) warnings in place)

  3. Hoot! Slinky does get around! My storm story? We lived in Tornado Alley in 1989, it was our first year of marriage and we rented a duplex. The guys upstairs were good friends. The sirens went off one night while we were in bed, before we could put on clothes, frantic beating on the front door accompanied the sirens. My hubby went to the door while I snatched a robe. The guys from upstairs stood there yelling at our land lord who was running down the street. "Come back, they answered!" They shoved their way into the house and the land lord crashed past everyone and ran to the closet under the stairs screaming "Get your heads down, take cover!"
    We all stood there looking at each other with silly grins plastered to our faces then followed him into the closet. He was doubled over in a fetal position with a throw pillow over his head. (I didn't even see him grab it.) We squeezed into the tiny closet...Four large men and one petite brunette in her night clothes. (Talk about feeling exposed.) My hubby wedged himself between me and the other three as the land lord screamed into his pillow. "Get your head down! That is how my brother died!" He was in a full blown panic attack. My heart went out to him. No one wanted to say the obvious. "Dude you have lost your marbles." So we sat there squeezed in like sardines until someone suggested it would help to have a radio. Gradually we climbed out of the closet and turned on the TV to find out high winds had triggered the sirens and there was no tornado. The poor landlord eventually crawled out of the closet with much coaxing and cajoling and went to his home above the garage in the back.

  4. Hope you've got power. Love Slinky. So cute. And yes, your blog does make it okay to sit in a room alone and laugh. Permission granted. : )

  5. Kelsey P&S - You know I have a theory about why men's life insurance costs more than women's. It was inspired by my Dear Hubby standing outside our house in Texas, watching funnels form, and bellowing updates to me. You've kind of ruined that what with your standing outside and watching the funnel cloud. The only time I've gone outside once the funnel cloud was spotted, was when I was Snack Mom for my son's Little League game. Being as hungry, snackless Little Leaguers were slightly less scary than a very small 'maybe funnel cloud but very far away'. (Oh, they cancelled the game, but at least the kids had their chips.)

  6. LaDonna - Either you will use that story in a book, or I will. Poor guy, that isn't something you would forget for certain. This area suffered a horrible flood years ago, and Hurricane Sandy really brought that panic back to many.
    The best storm stories have happy ending, of course. Glad yours does!

  7. S. Kim Henson - Private message me your address and I'll send you a Slinky Dog, just because you gave me the validation I need about sitting alone in my room and laughing!

  8. When I was a kid we had a tornado touch down a block from my house. It ripped off the neighbors' carport and flung it like a boomerang into the wall of my bedroom. (I'd been upstairs 5 minutes earlier.) Pieces of debris made it all the way across the house. Upside - my bedroom was front page news, pictures and all.