Saturday, May 19, 2012

Seven Things You Don't Really Want to Know

Do you remember chain letters?  They’ve morphed into postings on social networks and email messages but they’re all the same. Basically you have to forward a message to others in order to save yourself from impending doom, and you are promised some type of reward, monetary or magical. All you have to do is annoy some of your friends by passing it along. I hit delete without even looking at them. Once I did make one up myself. Wish I’d saved it. It involved attacks by invading aliens and mange. The reward involved sprinkle donuts and anti-gravity boots, or something like that.
Yet when Diane Graham tagged me in a blog post that threatened to make my ears fall off, I was intrigued. Diane wrote a novel called, “I am Ocilla”. She possesses a quick and candid wit and lives a fascinating life holed up in a bunker somewhere with dragons and men who morph into trees to scale walls. Or maybe that was her book. Whatever. According to Diane I must share seven things that even my own mother wouldn’t really care about, and tag seven other bloggers to do the same. If my fellow bloggers don’t also blog seven unwanted details, they will not be confounded by any falling ears. Oh no, they will suffer the Space Bar Curse. It sounds quite intergalactic doesn’t it?  No you will not be working the Lido deck for Captain Kirk. Your space bar will only work with your left thumb. Sound innocuous?  I spent two years living with it and look what happened to me. ‘Nuff said. Oh, except for the seven things, and I hope blogs are exempt from competency hearings.
1.   My neighbors already know this, but I don’t really live in Iceland. I’m trying to disorient my female teenage stalker and am planning to move there anyway. In Iceland I will spend my days holed up writing, and my nights swimming in volcanic pools.
2.   My vision is telethon worthy nearsightedness. Sometimes I like to go without my glasses because everything looks very Monet and lovely. This leads me to number…
3.   Without my glasses/contacts on, I can’t hear. It is a very Helen Keller experience. I’ll have you over for eggs sometime and demonstrate.
4.   As a child the only lies I can remember telling are when my Mom took me to confession. I hated to disappoint the Priest.
5.   Sports bore me into a near coma. If I watch any sport with you, know that I love you.
6.   For at least one entire semester while I homeschooled my children, Geography Class consisted of watching The Wild Thornberry’s. My kids aced college, so ha, it worked.
7.   I know all the family secrets, and they’re all destined to become novels. Sorry, Mom. All is fodder for The Glitter Globe.
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  1. Hmm... Seven things, huh? ... Things you don't want to know...
    1) I hate shopping.
    2) I like milk chocolate, but give me a sweet drink over a box of chocolates any day.
    3) I could sit just about anywhere in nature for hours and daydream on a nice day as long as the bugs aren't biting.
    4) I'm a prissy tomboy. I grew up with two brothers and would play in the dirt piles with cars just as easily as play with dolls in my room, but I would spend 25% of the time picking dirt out from under my long fingernails.
    5) I was never into drama. If a girl wanted to be friends, we'd be friends. If I had to pretend to be something I wasn't or like/dislike certain people in order to be in the "cool crowd", I'd drop her like a hot potato.
    6) I rescued a kitten once by digging a larva out of a hole behind its ear. The poor things was always so skinny, but after I got the worm out, it fattened up pretty quickly. I wanted to be a vet, but I'm glad now that I'm not.
    7) Once I discovered my dad and I shared the same middle initial (at about age nine), I decided if I would use my middle initial to honor him if I ever had my name in print. *check* :D

  2. Hey Linnette R (was it Robert?) Mullin, Writer of Life-Changing Romance,
    These are intriguing facts, and we can debate the whole sweet tea vs. the far superior unsweetened tea sometime, but in order to escape The Space Bar Curse you still have to blog it. Then you get to tag seven other bloggers to do the same.
    Go forth my friend, and spread the joy.