Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Editing Cave

Yes, I am so deep into the editing cave that you can't get there from here. You need to carry your laptop, keep it out of the water, and crawl on your belly from here on in. Don't worry about getting lost, you can follow the blood trail out (provided you ever finish).
It is beautiful in here, but no matter how deep I go my cries are audible to those on the outside. Caves echo terribly. Besides, please don't think I'm getting paranoid, but betas are following me with red pens. How am I ever going to finish if they keep editing my work? (Dear Betas, Please ignore my whining - I know you will - and just keep stabbing me with those red pens. Thank you. xoxo)
Someday I will finish.  Someday I'll gollum my way right out of this cave, blinking into the sunlight with My Precious clutched tightly in my hands. I have big plans for that day. I think I'll take down the Christmas tree.


  1. Love the last line!! You totally tickle me with your words every time! And don't despair…the sun is shining outside the cave…keep a treckin'!! =] Raj

  2. Thanks for the sunny words Raj. The betas got me with the red pens again, so I've crawled in deeper. They're shouting things like "transition, transition, transition" whatever.
    The tree has to wait, the decorations are off though, so it will look perfect for Earth Day.