Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I See the Bad Moon Arising

This November splendor is certainly stirring up The Glitter Globe. It is quite late as I pull another all night-write and I’ve been writing for hours now with only an occasional break to snarf dark chocolate, download music or check under my desk for spiders. Why the whelk do they only bite my right leg?  I want to know. That leg must have stomped on a VIP spider at some point in my life, to bring such wrathful retribution upon it. Either that or it is an incredibly appealing limb to the eight-leggers of the universe. Sort of like a ZZ Top music video leg for spiders?  THAT is probably exactly what it is. Hey if I have to deal with this pox upon my appendage I get to pick the attitude.

Speaking of attitude, whoever took my stereo is no longer my friend. (Including Nigel.) Jumping on one’s bed with headphones on is a bit of a hardship, but fine, just keep it. I blew the speakers out ages ago anyway. Besides for recess tonight I did the dash to the woods, where I took a splendid walk in the dark.  Done without any music, that way I could hear if skunks were chasing me. Yes, the moon is full and glorious tonight, the sky is brilliant and clear and the weather is sublime for November. Yes, according to Pop Culture there are wolves and gorgeous vampires skulking around out there, and the skunks should be the least of my worries. Whatever.

The idea was to see if it was creepy or fun to prowl the woods at night. Verdict:  The terrain was too bumpy to run in when you have big feet and little grace, and it would probably take flashlights, less imagination and company (other than skunks) to make it fun. It was, however, enchanting, and I suggest you try a moonlit stroll yourself. Let’s make a pact to do things that scare us. “Life is lived on the ragged edge of that cliff.” To quote a couple of brilliant writers there, and I fully intend to dance on that cliff as long as I’m there anyway.  

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