Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear First Name

Speaking of heartfelt e-mails, today I received one from President & CEO of Sirius XM Satellite Radio, telling me how important I was to him. My favorite part was the salutation:  “Dear First Name”. Isn’t the Internet great?  I’m not being entirely facetious (I’m only 90% irreverent 90% of the time – gah, I luv new math). I feel sorry for all those years when I couldn’t research or garner data with my left hand (on ß that computer) while typing on this one with my right hand. First thing this morning I had a password crisis that required me to access precise and accurate data from The Glitter Globe immediately (ROFLOL). That does not happen. I can put in a request for information, and it will certainly unfurl, but in its own good time. That did not work in this situation, but no worries. There is ALWAYS Plan B.
I hit Facebook to Instant Message my daughter who is doing a study abroad on the far side of planet earth. Her brilliant little Glitter Globe has quicker download capability. Unfortunately the works get gummed up during exams, and while suffering low blood sugar from lack of American root beer. No problemo – Plan C - I texted my husband who is off on a hunting trip. Unfortunately he was out of range of cell towers (curses on those technology blind spots). Moving right into Plan D, I e-mailed my computer dude (A.K.A. The Hacker) he is “doing time up north” as he calls it (University in the Arctic Circle) he knows EVERYONE’S passwords. Be afraid.
Yes, my hacker-boy did get me that password impressively quick once I hunted him down. It is thanks to this Technology Age we now live in that this shortcut was even possible. Of course there were a few minor speed-bumps on the way. While on Facebook I did find it necessary to change some security settings, check my favorite writer page, peek at my notifications and chat with my daughter for a bit. Then it was necessary to agree to edit an essay for her (why, oh tell me why, do people think I have the capability to edit anything?  Obviously none of them read my blog, right?) and then my girlie needed that edit ASAP. Since she was suffering from exam and lack of root beer stress and all, I was obliged to take the time to do that before continuing my search for someone who knew that password I needed.
While implementing Plan C in my quest, it fortunately didn’t take me long to figure out that my hubby was out of cell tower range and implement Plan D. I texted him a few “test” texts to be certain. Here is a good test text to know whether or not your husband has received your text or is ignoring it. “OMgoodness, you love me no matter what, right?  You know how you told me to be sure to drive your truck some while you were away, I’m so sorry…” then just stop the message right there. As soon as he gets it, you’ll know, I promise. Then you add the rest, “I just haven’t had a chance to do that, Sweetie.”  (DISCLAIMER:  USE BRILLIANT GLITTER GLOBE SUGGESTIONS AT YOUR OWN RISK.)   And Plan D, as stated earlier, was a rousing success – and – thanks to this awesome technology at my fingertips I managed to get that password in just two hours (if you don’t count the time spent blogging about it). Cheers.


  1. You just crack me up ~ i almost wish i had a husband i could text that test to. Almost. I said, ALMOST.