Monday, October 10, 2011


Maybe it happens when you have a house full of stuff that things begin to lose their appeal. Maybe it happens when you have far more fun with a pencil and paper than anything else or maybe it is just me, but most shtuff doesn’t interest me anymore. I’m not referring to the basic necessities of life: food, water, shelter and chocolate. I’m speaking of things, jewelry, knick-knacks, decorative touches. If I could have any one selfish thing for myself, it would be perfect health and maybe a side of superpowers thrown in. Flying would really rock, or apparating. I dream that I’m flying, so I suppose that’ll have to suffice. Apparating would simply be so CONVENIENT. No more waiting for cancelled flights, Terminal F, or long car trips…  sigh….  At any rate if I am completely frank, my wish list of things that would thrill me would look exactly like this (in no particular order):
Stuffed armadillo in perfect condition. (Preferably one who died a natural death, of course.)
A very large hour glass (the kind with sand) made of glass, with white sand and in a wooden container or something as pleasant. That one from the The Wizard of Oz would do.
A huge slice of quartz crystal – like two feet tall – if it was an awesome shade of aquamarine blue that would make it even better, seafoam green would be hard to beat too.
A House Elf
A Food Replicator
A Stalagmite (I think that’s illegal, and if Hermione Granger got her way after the seventh Harry Potter book I think that the House Elf might be too – but, let me just say, I would give my House Elf socks. And chocolate.)
Leopard print fashion boots with insane heels and the legs that you need to wear them. (Oh, and the coordination too.)
A Mary Poppins Carpetbag (The one that holds a coat-rack, plant, mirror and lamp, remember that one?)
A hover suitcase (since I can’t apparate)
Please feel free to add to the wish list with ideas of your own. What kind of shtuff would thrill you?  The Glitter Globes wants to know.


  1. ...speaking of stuffed armadillos (armadillii?) have you ever read A Prayer for Owen Meaney? If you have, you'll know where i'm going here...

  2. Elsie – Have not had the pleasure of reading "A Prayer for Owen Meany", but I have seen the movie “Simon Birch” and I did read the Wikipedia Synopsis on the book (and it is now on my hit list). And, yes, that armadillo is precisely what I had in mind.

  3. I still like stuff, but the stuff I like looks like it either belongs in a story or is from a story.
    I could really go for a nice book case made of real wood (I have a thing for real woods) that expands as I get more books so I'll never have stacks of books all over (like I do now).
    I'd also like a somewhat manageable sleep cycle that actually rests me.

  4. Yes Peacemaker! Perfect, a neat wooden bookcase that always has room for another book would rock. As it stands now I just have stacks of books on every available surface and floor. Makes me think of The Keeper in Forbidden...

  5. Hope you get some restful sleep too, Peacemaker. I suggest naps. Especially during boring meetings at work. Naps are the secret to a happy life imho.