Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Super Massive Black Hole

So today had me rolling should into balls and tossing it at the proverbial wall.  Yeah, yeah, Miss Merry Sunshine has those days, as the kids will attest to.  I’m not sure which they fear most, the perpetually happy woman who bounces around the house enthusiastically, “Awesome!  We’ve got a ladybug infestation in the kitchen, I luv ladybugs!” or the cloud that hovers over her laptop scowling ominously through a wormhole into a universe spewing drivel through the portal.  They tend to back away quietly if they happen upon the latter, but seem inclined to avoid the former at all costs.
Edits are landmines and I’m without a doubt the village idiot who runs into the minefield miraculously managing not to notice that she is triggering explosions.   Obliviously avoiding so much as a scratch I start rewriting however The Glitter Globe moves me.  “Hey!  Let’s see what happens if …” and next thing I know I’m rewriting an entire novel.  Yep.  I’m totally into string universes and every edit I’ve ever done has turned into an alternate universe of the novel it began as.  It’s all just part of the creative process you see? 
Yet working under a deadline I’ve gotten myself halfway between worlds and today upon reentering the Earth’s atmosphere, for a fresh season of Reality Bites, I feel the gravitational lensing of a black hole known as a DEADLINE.  Erg!  Wait!  You mean I was supposed to have this ready when?  Um.  Yeah, about that?  But no, no problem, I can do it!  I can write a novel in a week, just you watch me.  It will be better than it was before, stronger, faster, I can make the worlds first…  Event Horizon.  Yes.  That is where I am right now.  And as you all know nothing can escape from inside the event horizon (except blogging, you can blog from in here just fine).  (Someone should e-mail NASA about that, cause I don't think they read my blog.  They really ought, if they want to ever truly understand the physics of worm holes.)

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