Monday, July 4, 2011

Mine All Mine

Photo Credit: Pika Miklitsch
So yes, I did spend a few years unwilling to share, and very protective of what was coming out of The Glitter Globe.  As I wrote my story, it influenced me in about every way imaginable.  It affected what I ate and what I did and even the way I looked at the world.  In some ways I suppose I became part of that story I was writing.  Perhaps it is like getting in character for an actor, I wanted to feel what my characters were feeling, and when writing a story there is more than one character; so I tried on many differing characteristics, traveling far outside my comfort zone.  I also spent a lot of time doing research, I wanted this world I was creating to make sense.  One of my characters had a very limited diet which I adapted and it felt so good I have kept with it.  This story made me braver, I had to expand my horizons far beyond my comfort level to know what a person in my story would really feel in the circumstances I was creating.  I did not share, oh no I did not, not even with my husband or children.  I didn't want input that would affect what I was writing.  It was very fragile, this universe on paper, and I did my best to keep all outside influence away from it.
Photo Credit: B&A
The years spent working on this project were very busy ones for my entire family.  Maybe it sounds like I was sequestered, and focusing on only what was coming from The Glitter Globe - in some respects I was - but life went on around me, and it was crazy busy and full of change.  My husband has his own business and I work there (hah! lucky me, this is how I manage those flex hours) but only someone with first hand knowledge of running a business can begin to understand how many hours are required of small business owners.  Hubby was always swamped with work, and when I wasn't required to help I was happily typing away, and he was happy I was happy.  My children are old enough where less of Mom is definitely more.  It was a win-win situation for all!  The fact that I wouldn't share or discuss what I was working on did not bother my amazingly non-curious family whatsoever.

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