Thursday, October 19, 2017

Devils Dance in the Woods

Devils dance in the woods
But I camp in the desert
With water.

Monsters strode from the closet
But I dreamed them away
With books.

Demons stole the food
I showed them my claws
And made them cook.

Evil lurked in the lake
While I stood on the shore
Averting my eyes.

Love ran away
So I sent it a love note
In a bottle.

Happiness drowned in quicksand
But I hid a piece
In ice-cream.

Lions ate the bones of friends
I write about before
Those teeth took.

Hell burned in far off places
Yet I had glitter
And stickers.

Robbers took the money
But I have
A gold card.

Death torched the fields
Missing my pot
Of daisies.

Pestilence bit little children
I hid mine among
The bluebonnets.

Hope went extinct from global warming
Except in my museum.
It's air-conditioned.

The sun went supernova
I picked a star
We danced.

All politicians were abducted by aliens
I appointed my dog
King of the world.

Music got wiped by an EMP
Now my ipod is 
The world's DJ.
(I hope you like Queen.)

Friday, October 13, 2017


S.R. Karfelt, dementia, alzheimers, Gummy
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