Thursday, August 15, 2013

WOA Giveaway Rules!

S. R. Karfelt's Warrior of the Ages Book

Rules of Warrior of the Ages Online Release Party Giveaway!!

(Rules? Seriously? You all know how I feel about paperwork. This is the deal, please share my book info, it's excellent karma. The following details are guidelines for those of you who are into that sort of thing. All giveaways will be selected through random dot org. This party is hosted by Votadini Publishing and Warrior of the Ages Author, S. R. Karfelt, for the purpose of spreading the news and generating some excitement about my first novel! PLEASE NOTE: My "party" is not endorsed nor affiliated with Facebook.)

Welcome to the WOA Online Release Party! Today we will be handing out LOTS of cool stuff ALL DAY. The only thing I ask you to do is consider SPREADING THE NEWS about Warrior of the Ages, and maybe you will have the chance to score some of that good stuff! ;) Check out my requests below…

1.                 SHARE the book trailer and I will share one of THREE Grand Loot Bags and TWO cool things!
b.     I will thank my first five Video Shares with a signed bookmark & skeleton key!
c.      Recipients of the TWO cool things are STILL ELIGIBLE FOR THE VERY BEST LOOT!
d.     Grand Prize Loot Announcements will occur at 1:35 PM and 8:35 PM!

2.                 BE A WARRIOR! If you'd like to make my book cover your COVER or PROFILE photo on Facebook for the day, I might like to give you a really cool WEAPON (okay, it’s just a little letter opener sword, but it’s sharp!)
a.      Multiple warriors announced at 8PM. (I don't have enough for everyone!)

3.                 SHARE THE NEWS! Like/share my WOA Fan Page, post your thoughts on it, or join in our conversations and perhaps you will receive an imported pewter necklace (a katara dagger named after the main character, Kahtar) from BICCO jewelry -  or one of the skeleton key necklaces!
a.      There are MULTIPLE necklaces so MULTIPLE people might get lucky!

4.                 SHARE THE NEWS SOME MORE! If you wanna give me a little shoutout or Tweet using #warrioroftheages on FB or Twitter, just sayin', I got some cool WOA tote bags and key chains!
a.      If you SHARE my WOA Fan Page AND #warrioroftheages you might get double lucky.

5.                Gifts will be determined by to ensure fairness. IF YOU RECEIVE A GIFT, I will TAG you as well as leave it in comments on my blog. I can't PM you via FB, sorry! It is then YOUR responsibility to let me know how to get the gift to you! These will be shipped by the end of August. Recipients forfeit the right to their stuff if they have not supplied an address by August 23rd. 

6.                 GET EXCITED! I might throw in a few extra gifts throughout the day just cuz you're my friends, so stay tuned, eat cake and CELEBRATE with me! 

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