Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pajama Party

Tonight I threw an impromptu pajama party all by my onesie. Everyone is gone, and since I recently returned from another time zone – and I’m currently still enjoying that time zone – I decided to just stay up and have some fun. The following is my pajama party for one list:
  • Put on a movie. Normally I watch movie trailers for an hour, lose interest and go do something else. Tonight I stuck with it and watched Cold Mountain. Next time I will stick with the movie trailers.
  • While watching the movie, read a book on your kindle, and google things on your phone, like did they really use botox during the civil war?
  • If you have recovered from waxing off half an eyebrow a couple months ago, drag out the hot wax at 2:00 a.m. and have another go. Curiously pile a ton of it on your leg. To save time cover a 4”x10” section of leg. Now you’ve done it, you’re committed and you have to pull that off. Be thankful your neighbors can’t hear your screams.
  • Since that went so well, try it on a section of arm.
  • Now scrub the tub, because a bath would be super nice. Note how your leg still has residual wax on it? It is stuck to the bathroom rug.
  • Wash the bathroom rug, and while you’re at it, wash them all.
  • Hunt for Neosporin for your arm, because the wax took some skin.
  • Don’t get freaked when you hear mice in the attic. You are a 21st Century woman, take care of it. Since you’re into sticky messes tonight, use those inhumane sticky mouse traps that always make you cry when they work.
  • Make pancakes. It will be breakfast in a few hours anyway. Wait. Wash the stove off first. Sheesh! Whose job is this? They need to get on it.
  • Lose interest in pancakes. How about zucchini bread? From scratch…right, settle for a popsicle.
  • Text BFF, “Waxed my arm, it’s bleeding.”
  • Give yourself a mango facial. Now try to find your glasses. Your brain went to bed five hours ago.
  • Put on your pajamas and go to bed. Call people who live in other time zones. They’re all in bed.
  • Blog about it so they can see all the fun they missed.

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