Monday, October 10, 2011


Maybe it happens when you have a house full of stuff that things begin to lose their appeal. Maybe it happens when you have far more fun with a pencil and paper than anything else or maybe it is just me, but most shtuff doesn’t interest me anymore. I’m not referring to the basic necessities of life: food, water, shelter and chocolate. I’m speaking of things, jewelry, knick-knacks, decorative touches. If I could have any one selfish thing for myself, it would be perfect health and maybe a side of superpowers thrown in. Flying would really rock, or apparating. I dream that I’m flying, so I suppose that’ll have to suffice. Apparating would simply be so CONVENIENT. No more waiting for cancelled flights, Terminal F, or long car trips…  sigh….  At any rate if I am completely frank, my wish list of things that would thrill me would look exactly like this (in no particular order):
Stuffed armadillo in perfect condition. (Preferably one who died a natural death, of course.)
A very large hour glass (the kind with sand) made of glass, with white sand and in a wooden container or something as pleasant. That one from the The Wizard of Oz would do.
A huge slice of quartz crystal – like two feet tall – if it was an awesome shade of aquamarine blue that would make it even better, seafoam green would be hard to beat too.
A House Elf
A Food Replicator
A Stalagmite (I think that’s illegal, and if Hermione Granger got her way after the seventh Harry Potter book I think that the House Elf might be too – but, let me just say, I would give my House Elf socks. And chocolate.)
Leopard print fashion boots with insane heels and the legs that you need to wear them. (Oh, and the coordination too.)
A Mary Poppins Carpetbag (The one that holds a coat-rack, plant, mirror and lamp, remember that one?)
A hover suitcase (since I can’t apparate)
Please feel free to add to the wish list with ideas of your own. What kind of shtuff would thrill you?  The Glitter Globes wants to know.
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