Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Covenant Keeper Novels - VLOG

Author, S.R. Karfelt, Action Adventure Fantasy, Fiction
S.R. Karfelt, Author

Last week I went on a quest and didn't return until yesterday. Okay, fine. It was a quest for fun, but a quest all the same. Tonight I return to my regularly scheduled all-night write, and that's why you get a vlog today. It's a synopsis about The Covenant Keeper Novels, Kahtar Warrior of the Ages, and Heartless A Shieldmaiden's Voice.

Action Adventure Fantasy, Fiction Novel, A Covenant Keeper Novel
S.R. Karfelt, Author

Hope you enjoy it, and if you'd like me to answer any questions about Kahtar or Heartless feel free to leave them below. Also feel free to ask questions about my quest for fun, or better yet, tell me where you find your fun!


  1. Oh how I giggled at the end when you were trying to get them in the frame. Loved it. Loved the vlog. Not yet Jenna Marbles, but you're getting there ;)

  2. LOL. For a brief moment I considered editing it, but where's the fun in that?

  3. I really want to get into vlogging but then I'd have to do my hair.

    It was fun to see part of your world in the background :) I love watching vlogs!!

  4. I loved loved the books and the vlog. Looking forward to reading #3 with these fascinating characters and the amazing world they live in. I want to live there.


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