Sunday, October 2, 2011

Run Along

While freestyle writing is one secret to my joyful existence within The Glitter Globe, there are other thrills that I’d like to impart to both readers and writers alike. I’m tossing these discoveries into cyberspace like handfuls of happy tidbits because I’m compelled to share. Some mornings when I bounce out of bed I’m tempted to peek under, to check for pods, because as the glimmer of first thoughts sparkle through The Glitter Globe one of the foremost is – running – this is where my enthusiasm meets sheer disbelief even in my own mind. I am a woman who once spent almost a year sick and barely moving, yet I now spend every night before falling asleep plotting not just my story but how I’m going to get my daily run in.

This is my ritual, my obsession, my journey to where the mojo lives. There is a secret to loving running and I’m willing to bet it works for any exercise and that is MUSIC – the kind that makes you want to, well, run in the morning, dance in the morning, jump on the bed like it’s a trampoline. For me that is angry screamo music, go figure – I never was a fan of it until I started running and I became a fan because I discovered this magical thing…  The kind of music you can feel in your internal organs makes you faster, stronger, it carries you and before you know it an hour has passed and you have to stop running and get back to your novel.
Now I did not bounce up from my practically bedridden existence and start running one day. First I walked, very slowly, on an old Stairmaster – you know that old bit of exercise equipment you probably have covered in dust or folded laundry somewhere in your house?  I unearthed mine like an archaeologist and heaved my unwilling body onto it at Level One. Yes, Level One for twenty minutes. Afterwards I took a nap. Eventually I worked my way up, level after level and after some time, my body and enthusiasm were also discovered beneath many layers where they’d hidden for years. Perhaps running is not your thing, believe me neither I nor those who knew me would have thought it was mine either, I encourage you to search for your thing. Stretch your bones, turn on some music that moves you and let it do its job. Either that or hit the dark chocolate and take a nap, only you can find where your mojo hides.  

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